Atoy Customs builds a tiny house on a trailer – Auto News –

Atoy Customs builds a tiny house on a trailer – Auto News –

Businesses, regardless of industry, were greatly affected by the pandemic. While a lot were forced to close shop, others were fortunate enough to endure. But to survive, adaptation and evolution must be paramount. Atoy Llave of Atoy Customs has long been a staple in the automotive industry. As he and his brand continue to imagine and create, Atoy’s newest build was heavily influenced by the countless hours of video binging it brought about.

What you see here is the first-ever Filipino-built Tiny House Trailer, and it’s the brainchild of Atoy Customs.

Using an old race car trailer, Llave wanted to create a tiny house made for and by Filipinos. The result is a 14 x 7 x 7-foot space that is tailor-made to fit the family-centered, hospitable inclinations of the Filipinos. He takes pride in this project, saying that his version of the mobile tiny house can hold its own against its imported counterparts. It may have taken one year or so, but finally, it’s been built for us to see.

Each part and fixture that you see on the Atoy Tiny House Trailer is custom-crafted. Every little detail was designed to ensure the feel of an authentic trailer home that boasts of comfort and convenience. The Tiny House uses lightweight, waterproof, one-piece fiberglass panel construction. If you know Atoy, you know his fiberglass pieces hold up to almost anything.

Creature comforts that are found inside include a bunk bed, a sofa bed, and a dinette set that can comfortably seat 5 adults. The Tiny House also features a full toilet-and-bath, a 2-horsepower air conditioning unit, plus interior finishing imported from Japan. It’s all topped off with a retractable canopy and the LifeSmart home automation system. The Tiny House can be towed by an SUV, and it’s equipped with 8-ply tires for maximum load capacity.

Alongside the creation of the Tiny House, and his recent inclusion into the VanLife Philippines Facebook group, Atoy also adapted the idea of turning vans into personal recreational vehicles or RVs. This concept will be integrating both comfort and adventure into an authentic home-on-wheels setup. The first few completed units of the Atoy RVs will be lent to different personalities to promote the perks and benefits of this mobile and outdoor lifestyle.

Atoy also has the same plans for the Tiny House. While they won’t be lent out, the first 10 units will be transferred to different scenic, outdoor locations and will be made available as vacation rental “homes”. Living in one of these Tiny Houses will be a sure hit whether it’s in your background or brought along road trips, and those who’d want their own will have to shell out about PHP 1,500,000.

This is a very new segment for a veteran name and brand such as Atoy. But if his response to the pandemic and his longevity in the automotive and mobility scene is anything to go by, then the Tiny House and RV concepts are bound to find their niche and be a hit with Atoy’s clients.


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